«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

In order to brighten up the Year of “Era of People with Arkadag” with labor successes, the grain growers of Tejen district of Ahal region direct all their abilities and skills to growing a rich harvest of grain, which is populated on a total of 44.3 thousand hectares of land, of which 17,150 hectares - peasant societies. They cope with the timely and high-quality implementation of each agrotechnical measure and enthusiastically work in the fields. Such important work is being carried out in concert, such as feeding white crops in Tejen district with local and mineral fertilizers, irrigation work, and weed control measures. Exemplary work in caring for white crops is shown by members of peasant societies “Tejen”, “Danechilik”, “Agalan”, as well as members of peasant societies “Nurly yer”, “Miveli Diyar”, “Arzuvly Mulkdar”, “Sekiz bag”. In their fields, plants are fed twice, for their growth, irrigation is carried out two or three times. And weed control measures are carried out systematically and at a high level.