«Türkmenistan — parahatçylygyň we ynanyşmagyň Watany»

During 2021, in the Babadaykhan district of the Ahal velayat in the Babadaykhan district of the Ahal velayat, a solemn conference "Turkmenistan - the Motherland of Peace and Faith" will be held. A tour of its territory emphasized the spirit of patriotism. The event was attended by members of the World Turkmen Humanitarian Association. First, the guests visited the Bedimukhammet Annayev Museum in the Novaya Doroga village of the region. After a tour of the museum, the guests went to the venue of the ceremony - the House of Culture in the regional center. A musical ceremony was organized by the regional center of culture and the rural house of culture "Ak Altyn". The ceremony ended with the song "Arkadag", praising the President's policy and his work for the benefit of the people.