The regional stage of the competition “Turkmen embroidery art is our national treasure” was held in the House of Culture in the village of Gami Ak, Bugday district. The velayat round of the competition, announced jointly by the National Trade Union Center of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of the Women's Union of Turkmenistan, was attended by 50 talented women from different regions and the city of Tejen. Adopting the wise principles of our ancestors, passing from generation to generation the traditional national art of embroidery, passed down from generation to generation, and instill in future generations the work of educating youth, educating youth in work, educating women's literature, educating noble qualities, noble morals. The competition, which was launched to promote excellent handicrafts, provided the participants with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in this field. Creating a wide range of opportunities for female competitors to compete in the right conditions has helped keep the competition organized. In the Women's Manual Arts competition, the so-called condition of the “Measure seven times and one cut” competition, the craftswomen demonstrated their first preparatory work, the choice of a template (naked), national collars, tahya, kurta according to patterns, they will sew on the weaving of silk threads necessary to start embroidery. "Uncover the secret of the mysterious world!" called the condition of the competition, the participants draw an embroidery and choose an embroidery of their choice and they talk about embroideries. Then special attention was paid by the jury to the correct position of their embroidery right on their knees, to hold the needle, to use the processed yarn as needed, to use the yarn accordingly and to fully reveal the history of embroidery through their stories. In the final part of the competition "What I can do will be good for my shoulders", the women who took part in the event highly appreciated the work of art, poetry. This increased interest in the competition and gave it a rich meaning. Bakhargul Akiyeva, teacher of secondary school No. 23 of Beherden region, Ogulsurai Orazova, teacher of secondary school No. 10 of Kakinsky region, and Ogulsurai Orgova, teacher of the 7th kindergarten of Babadaykhan region, took part in the regional round of the competition "Turkmen embroidery - our national treasure" won first, second and third places in the competition and won the prizes of the Regional Union of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan. Hard-working women who won first and second places in the competition they were eligible to participate in the final stage of the state.