«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

In the period of the new era of stable state, in the year of the "People's Friendship Era", under the wise leadership of the Honorable Friendship President, every day of our country is devoted to significant dates, holidays, and historical events. Today, in the Tejen city culture house, together with the Tejen city and regional culture centers, a musical event was held called "El zhuri il gerer". New songs by the singers of the city and regional cultural centers, and festive performances of the dance group were organized at the festive event. The ancient legends, jokes, ghazals, sayings that tell the historical information, beliefs, and patterns related to the party, which is a beautiful art inherited from our parents, performed their pride through poetic lines and artistic scenes. New songs sung by the singers at the event and the new dances of the dance groups were greeted with applause from the audience who participated in the celebration. We wish our Dear Hero Comrade, Comrade Serdar, who created such opportunities for culture and art workers, good health, long life, high head, and further success in his work for the country and the country.