«Türkmenistan — parahatçylygyň we ynanyşmagyň Watany»

In the prosperous period of our sovereign state, under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, a wide path has been opened for the further development of the modern development of Turkmen culture and art, the spread of our national culture and art. To our dear Arkadag, who is making unparalleled efforts to reach the heights of our culture, which is on the decisive path of development, the gratitude of our cultural workers is boundless. The main goal of Turkmenistan's cultural policy is to develop and change our national culture and art in our country, based on the necessary requirements for the spiritual perfection of man, society and the state, and the level of consciousness of our people. It is in this context that our dear Arkadag is paying close attention to the preservation, further development and enrichment of our national culture and art, and is doing a great job at this state level. Because of this work, a number of cultural events dedicated to our national heritage and art are held regularly at the Cultural Center in Kaka District, Ahal Province. These events include exhibitions of ancient national costumes of our national culture and national costumes with the aim of passing them on to the younger generation. In the context of the events, the principles and traditions of our national culture form the basis of the well-being of our people. It is widely used in folk art, which has given a number of outstanding literary and artistic works. Culture, our artists, who have made a significant contribution to the development and improvement of our culture, art, deserve prestigious state awards, honorary titles, or royal awards. All opportunities and conditions are created for the creative, productive work of creative workers. We sincerely wish our Hero Arkadag, who has made great efforts to spread the foundation of Turkmen culture to the world and flourish, to always prosper in the cause of the soul, the head, the upright, the nation and the common good.