«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

In the year named «The epoch of the people with Arkadag» The Woman's organization and Trade Union of Baharden district together with Baharden Centre of Culture have prepared a competition named «Well – mannered and creative Turkmen beautiful ladies» among diligent woman of a new generation. The Ahal velayat of Baharden district's round of competition went on a high level in the Baharden's Centre of Culture. During the competition our polite and hard-working women mentioned the achievements of Turkmen nation and noted the respect and attention from the government's side towards women with admiration. After the competition there was an entertainment program that was including theatrical acts, Turkmen folk songs, and the outstanding part was the performance of the violin orchestra from the music school named after N. Halmammedov. Apart from that, the respected elders and the participants of the event were discussing the achievements of the Distinguished President the good of Turkmen nation with enthusiasm. The Celebration went on the highest possible level and was filmed by the TV channel Altyn asyr. At the end of the competition, all the participants got presents from Trade Union. The organizers and participants of the Event sincerely thank the Distinguished President for the opportunity to hold such a remarkable celebration on the highest level and also wish our Dear Arkadag good health, long life and prosperity in all undertakings for the good of the nation and country.