«Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy»

During the "Revival of the New Era of our Sovereign State" announced by our esteemed President, in the year of the "Arkadagly Era of the People", every day in our country is celebrated with celebrations. Under the wise leadership of our esteemed Arkadag, the Horse Festival is celebrated with great solemnity in all parts of the country during the "Revival of the New Age of our Sovereign State" and the Year of the Arkadagly of the People. Today in our Tejen City House of Culture, together with the Tejen City Department of Culture, the Saragt Ertap Culture Department hosted a music festival dedicated to the Horse Festival. Speakers during the event heartily congratulated on the occasion of Horse Day. Today, it is very profound to compare the great achievements of our heroic Arkadag with our horse-drawn, world-leading world-class development. May the soul of our Beloved and Hero Arkadag, who is making unparalleled efforts to further enhance the international prestige of our independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan, have a long, prosperous life, a prosperous life for the benefit of the nation and the common good of all mankind. he concluded by dreaming. The festivities were attended by talented singers from the Tejen Cultural Center and the Ziyada dance troupe, talented singers from the Ahal Velayat Sarahs district and the Sarahs Nagmalar dance troupe. We wish you a safe and prosperous life, a prosperous life and a prosperous future for the benefit of the people and the common good of all mankind.