«Türkmenistan — parahatçylygyň we ynanyşmagyň Watany»

For many centuries, Sarakhs and the surrounding area had been playing an important role not only in Middle Asia but also in the whole Middle East. Old Sarakhs is situated in the south-eastern part of the current of Sarakhs etrap. But the scientific data indicate that Sarakhs was established in the 6th-4th centuries BC during the rule of the Achaemenid Parthian dynasty. In the 2nd century BC Sarakhs was part of the Parthian state and was called Siraken. In the second half of the 7th century Sarakhs՚ s importance increased due to the fact that it became the focal point of the caravan route between Nishapur and Merv, taking an active part in international trade. Sarakhs reached the highest peak of its development in the Middle Ages. Sarakhs kept close relations with such centers of trade as Amul, Merv and Koneurgench.