«Türkmenistan — parahatçylygyň we ynanyşmagyň Watany»

The bridge is located in the southern part of Sarakhs etrap (district), where Tejen River meets the plain land. In 1826 the historian Agekhi reported the following about Pulkhatyn: «Pulkhatyn is a strong bridge put over Tejen River, and made of stone and also coated with bricks. It has length of 72 feet (1 feet = 71 cm) and 3 feet of width, and to allow water to flow. It has 5 large and 5 small arches». In 1889, when this territory became a part of Russia, the bridge Pulkhatyn was completely renovated. There were left 5 large arches which strengthened by masonry pier as the bridge was built over the part of river with a fairly strong water flow. At present, the length of the bridge is 60 m, width of 3 m, and a height of 10 m. In the Middle Ages the bridge served as the only suitable crossing point on the Silk Road᾽s section Merv – Nishapur. Its viability Pulkhatyn Bridge proved in 1976, when the river flow reached 1,600 cubic meters of water per a second during a severe flood.