In the 12th century Sarakhs architects built a magnificent mausoleum over the grave of the famous Muslim mystic Abul Fazl. Local people called this place Sarakhs-Baba. In general, the Mausoleum of Sarakhs-Baba is monumental composition with a square base structure, topped with a dome. The walls of the mausoleum are made by square shape burnt bricks (with size of brick sides 23 x 23 cm and a thickness of 4-4,5 cm). The outer side of wall has a length of 15,40 m, and the interior-10,2 m; the thickness of the walls at the bottom widen up to 2,5 m. Abul Fazl as a knowledgeable, but simple and humane person, gained immense love and respect of his contemporaries. First photo of the mausoleum was published in 1894 by Russian professor Valentin Zhukovsky, who convincingly proved that it belonged to famous Muslim mystic Abul Fazl. Currently, the mausoleum is located 1,5 kilometers from the center of the modern Sarakhs. Since 1947, after the study by an architectural historian Anna Pribytkova, this magnificent monument of the past ages went down to the science.