Traces of history

In the memory of the people, there are legends about each of the individual buildings of the big cities, which marvel at its beauty and grandeur, and accurate scientific information about our history is stored in valuable written sources. One of them is the Seyitjemaleddin Mosque. Located 12 kilometers east of Ashgabat, it has its own unique features. At the top of the entrance to the mosque are inscriptions bearing the name of Sultan-Qasim-Babir, the ruler of Khorasan (1446-1457). Other records say that the House of Beauty was built in 1455-1456 by a man named Muhammad with his own funds for the memorial of his father, Jamal-ed-world-wad-din. On the back of the entrance to the mosque is a picture of a dragon leaning towards each other. Similar patterns of dragons are not found anywhere else in Central Asia. There are legends among the people about the origin of these paintings, but no definitive explanation has been found so far.